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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Roadrunner
Date / Time: 09.07.2009 / 20:15 GMT+1    [GMT: 19:15]
Server: Roadrunners
TS Server: 49th Black Diamonds (
Battelfield: Balkan
Simulation: See notes
Notes: FalconAF - 7:15pm GMT - 21:15 German Time

Task: Sweep
Mission duration: 01:30:00
Primary TGT: Destroy Enemy Fighters
Secondary TGT: Destroy enemy SAMs
Alternate Airbase: N / A
Loadout changeable: Yes
Start: Taxi

Sweep 2 x F-16C-50 Stud 1 TO: Push: ToT: Gioia del colle
Sweep 2 x F-16C-50 Weasel 1 TO: Push: ToT: Gioia del colle
Sweep 2 x F-16C-50 Cobra 1 TO: Push: ToT: Gioia del colle
Sead Strike 2 x Tornado IDS GE Caddy 2 TO: Push: ToT: Lecce
AWACS 1 x E-3A Chalis 1 TO: Push: ToT: Pantelleria

Checked in Pilots: 9 of 9
Pkg: 3920 Sweep Stud 1-1   Maverick
Pkg: 3920 Sweep Stud 1-2   Ironeagle
Pkg: 3920 Sweep Weasel 1-1   cleaner
Pkg: 3920 Sweep Weasel 1-2   Tiger
Pkg: 3920 Sweep Cobra 1-1   Ringer
Pkg: 3920 Sweep Cobra 1-2   Runner
Pkg: 3920 Sead Strike Caddy 2-1   Roadrunner
Pkg: 3920 Sead Strike Caddy 2-2   Dagger
Pkg: AWACS Chalis 1-1   MAGIC

Additional Information
Mission starts at 21:15 german time / 19:15 GMT

This mission / campaign is started for max 8 pilots + awacs for short planed missions.

Mission will be a sweep over Tivat and Podgoriza, supported by Tornados that will remove the SAM Sites in the area.

Expected enemy aircrafts include Mig-21


Mission beginnt 21:15 deutsche zeit / 19:15 GMT

Die mission / kampagne ist geplant für maximal 8 piloten + awacs für kurzfristige missionen.

Die mission ist ein sweep über Tivat und Podgoriza, welcher von Tornados unterstützt wird, welche die SAM Stellungen in dem Gebiet entfernen.

Zu erwartende Feindmaschienen beinhalten: Mig-21

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