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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Roadrunner
Date / Time: 10.07.2009 / 20:00 GMT+1    [GMT: 19:00]
Server: Roadrunners
TS Server: 49th (
Battelfield: Balkan
Simulation: See notes
Notes: FalconAF - 7:00pm GMT - 21:00 German Time

Task: Sweep
Mission duration: 01:30:00
Primary TGT: Destroy Enemy Fighters
Secondary TGT: Destroy enemy SAMs
Alternate Airbase: N / A
Loadout changeable: Yes
Start: Taxi

Sweep 4 x F-16C-50 Weasel 1 TO: 07:38:00 Push: 07:50:00 ToT: Gioia del colle
Sweep 4 x F-16C-50 Cobra 1 TO: 07:39:00 Push: 07:50:00 ToT: Gioia del colle
Sweep 2 x Tornado IDS GE Argos 1 TO: 07:40:00 Push: 07:50:00 ToT: Lecce
AWACS 1 x E-3A Magic 1 TO: Push: ToT: Pantelleria

Checked in Pilots: 2 of 11
Pkg: 555 Sweep Weasel 1-1   cleaner
Pkg: 555 Sweep Weasel 1-2  
Pkg: 555 Sweep Weasel 1-3  
Pkg: 555 Sweep Weasel 1-4  
Pkg: 555 Sweep Cobra 1-1  
Pkg: 555 Sweep Cobra 1-2  
Pkg: 555 Sweep Cobra 1-3  
Pkg: 555 Sweep Cobra 1-4  
Pkg: 555 Sweep Argos 1-1   Roadrunner
Pkg: 555 Sweep Argos 1-2  
Pkg: 3964 AWACS Magic 1-1  

Additional Information
Hi pilots.

This mission is like the last one.

We will continue hunting enemy aircraft in the area to gain air superiority.

In the same time, we will destroy remaining SAMs in the area.

Threads include: Mig-21, Mig-29, SA-3, AAA.

There may also be SA-6s in the area.

Good Luck!

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