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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Roadrunner
Date / Time: 18.07.2009 / 19:00 GMT+1    [GMT: 18:00]
TS Server: 49th Black Diamonds (
Battelfield: Balkan
Simulation: See notes
Notes: FalconAF - 20:00 German Time (18:00 GMT)

Mission duration: 02:30:00
Alternate Airbase: N / A
Loadout changeable: Yes
Start: Taxi

Interdiction 2 x Tornado IDS GE Argos 1 TO: 07:06:00 Push: 07:13:00 ToT: Lecce
Interdiction 4 x F-16C-50 Python 3 TO: 07:05:00 Push: 07:13:00 ToT: Gioia del colle
Escort 2 x Mirage 2000-C Cougar 4 TO: 07:06:00 Push: 07:13:00 ToT: San Pancrazio
Interdiction 2 x Tornado IDS GE Barrel 1 TO: 08:16:00 Push: 08:13:00 ToT: Lecce
Interdiction 4 x F-16C-50 Serpent 3 TO: 08:15:00 Push: 08:13:00 ToT: Gioia del colle
Escort 2 x Mirage 2000-C Dragnet 4 TO: 08:16:00 Push: 08:13:00 ToT: San Pancrazio

Checked in Pilots: 16 of 16
Pkg: 3971 Interdiction Argos 1-1   Roadrunner
Pkg: 3971 Interdiction Argos 1-2   Elf
Pkg: 3971 Interdiction Python 3-1   Dagger
Pkg: 3971 Interdiction Python 3-2   raven6
Pkg: 3971 Interdiction Python 3-3   Gipodiablo
Pkg: 3971 Interdiction Python 3-4   Ironeagle
Pkg: 3971 Escort Cougar 4-1   Kolbe
Pkg: 3971 Escort Cougar 4-2   TwoJay
Pkg: 3998 Interdiction Barrel 1-1   Roadrunner
Pkg: 3998 Interdiction Barrel 1-2   Elf
Pkg: 3998 Interdiction Serpent 3-1   Dagger
Pkg: 3998 Interdiction Serpent 3-2   raven6
Pkg: 3998 Interdiction Serpent 3-3   Gipodiablo
Pkg: 3998 Interdiction Serpent 3-4   Ironeagle
Pkg: 3998 Escort Dragnet 4-1   Kolbe
Pkg: 3998 Escort Dragnet 4-2   Maverick

Additional Information
All pilots should be in the chatlobby by 20:00 German time / 18:00 GMT.
We will get in our aircrafts and commit to TAXI as soon as all are seated!

Hi Gentleman!

This Operation consists of 2 missions.

Mission 1:
PKG: 3971 will take of and Search and Destroy ground troops east of the FLOT.
The Mirage will fly aircover, while the Tornados have some HARMS as backup should AirDefense Threats come up.

Time Window for this mission: 07:05:00-08:05:00 (1 hour).

Mission 2:
PKG: 3998 will be the same as mission 1, so technicaly, we will come home from mission 1, rearm, and go in again to finish what we started.

Time Window for this mission: none.

Be advised, that you may check into 2 slots in this mission, 1 in PKG: 3971 and 1 in PKG 3998.

Read this briefing!

Good luck gentleman!

If more pilots are interested, there are several BARCAPS (Tornado ADV, F-16A-MLU) in the area, that will takeoff 5 minutes ahead of our first mission, and 15 minutes before the second.

Munitions, flightplan etc. (except times) for both mission are the same, so only 2 pictures below.

pic 1
pic 2
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