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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Roadrunner
Date / Time: 11.08.2009 / 19:15 GMT+1    [GMT: 18:15]
TS Server: 49th Black Diamonds (
Battelfield: Balkan
Simulation: See notes
Notes: Falcon AF - GMT 6:15 pm - 20:15 German Time

Task: Sweep
Mission duration: 01:30:00
ToT: N / A
Primary TGT: Sweep
Secondary TGT: Sead
Alternate Airbase: Mostar 116X
Loadout changeable: Yes
Start: Ramp

Sead Strike 2 x Tornado ECR GE Bluebell 1 TO: 09:34:00 Push: N / A ToT: N / A Lecce 075X
Sweep 4 x F-16C-50 Cowboy 1 TO: 10:00:00 Push: N / A ToT: N / A San Pancrazio 109X
Sweep 4 x F-16C-50 Falcon 1 TO: 10:01:00 Push: N / A ToT: N / A Gioia del colle 125X

Checked in Pilots: 5 of 10
Pkg: 3962 Sead Strike Bluebell 1-1   Roadrunner
Pkg: 3962 Sead Strike Bluebell 1-2   Timmae
Pkg: 3962 Sweep Cowboy 1-1  
Pkg: 3962 Sweep Cowboy 1-2   Sancho
Pkg: 3962 Sweep Cowboy 1-3  
Pkg: 3962 Sweep Cowboy 1-4   Alcedo
Pkg: 3962 Sweep Falcon 1-1  
Pkg: 3962 Sweep Falcon 1-2  
Pkg: 3962 Sweep Falcon 1-3  
Pkg: 3962 Sweep Falcon 1-4   Ironeagle

Additional Information
Welcome back gentleman!

This Sweep mission will consist of three flights.

Bluebell will take off at 09:34 (Taxi start) while Cowboy and Falcon will start up their jets and follow behind.

Bluebell will fly north to Mostar, covered by the BARCAPs in the area and will then attack the SA-5 site in Monenegro from the north-west.

While Bluebell is dealing with the SA-5, the F-16´s will take position just south-east of Montenegro and wait for the SA-5 to come down.

When this moment arrives, Cowboy and Falcon flight are free to engage anything they can find over Montenegro.

Beside the SA-5, there may be SA-3, SA-6 and AAA, so be carefull.
Bluebell will stay in the area as long as possible and support you.

Good Hunting!

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