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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Red Eagle
Date / Time: 07.10.2010 / 19:15 GMT+1    [GMT: 18:15]
TS Server: (TS3)
Battelfield: Balkan 2010
Simulation: Falcon 4.0 Allied Force
Notes: The flight becomes 2 hours lasting

Task: 19:24:48
Mission duration:
ToT: 20:25:00
Primary TGT: Lepa Glava Airport
Secondary TGT:
Alternate Airbase: N / A
Loadout changeable: No
Start: Taxi

Sead Escort 4 x F-16C-52 CCIP Falcon 4 TO: 19:31:52 Push: 19:53:00 ToT: 20:21:00 Pescara 106X
Escort 4 x FA-22A Cyborg 4 TO: 19:24:48 Push: 19:53:00 ToT: 20:23:00 Bolzano 117Y
OCA Strike 4 x F-16C-50 CCIP Cowboy 4 TO: 19:30:02 Push: 19:53:00 ToT: 20:25:00 Falconara 035X

Checked in Pilots: 11 of 12
Pkg: 543 Sead Escort Falcon 4-1   Runner
Pkg: 543 Sead Escort Falcon 4-2   Corsair
Pkg: 543 Sead Escort Falcon 4-3   DragonFly
Pkg: 543 Sead Escort Falcon 4-4   dado
Pkg: 543 Escort Cyborg 4-1   Rico 75th
Pkg: 543 Escort Cyborg 4-2   Condor-75th
Pkg: 543 Escort Cyborg 4-3   Nick Taylor
Pkg: 543 Escort Cyborg 4-4  
Pkg: 543 OCA Strike Cowboy 4-1   Red Eagle
Pkg: 543 OCA Strike Cowboy 4-2   Jester
Pkg: 543 OCA Strike Cowboy 4-3   kneejo
Pkg: 543 OCA Strike Cowboy 4-4   49thSnake

Additional Information
Guten Abend!
Heute werden sie einen OCA Strike auf die auf den Flughafen von Lepa Glava Fliegen.

Es ist mit Starker Flugaktivitäten des Feindes zurechnen.

Feindflughäfen von wo Flugzeuge aufsteigen könnten sind.

Escorte bitte validAC Datei Überprüfen da sie eine F/22 Fliegen

Viel Spaß und Glück

Good evening!
Today they will have a strike on the OCA to the airport of Lepa Glava flies.

It is with strong flight activities of the enemy attribute.

Enemy airports where aircraft might have to rise.

Please check escort validAC file as it represents a flying F/22

Have fun and good luck

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