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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Alohir
Date / Time: 17.12.2010 / 19:00 GMT+1    [GMT: 18:00]
TS Server: TS3 49th Black Diamonds (
Battelfield: Balkan 2010
Simulation: Falcon 4.0 Allied Force

Task: Death and Destruction
Mission duration: 1.5 hrs
ToT: 20:34
Primary TGT: Split Airport
Secondary TGT: Engineers and AAA
Alternate Airbase: N / A
Loadout changeable: No
Start: Taxi

Interdiction 4 x F-16C-40 Python 2 TO: 20:16:12 Push: 20:29:18 ToT: 20:34:35 N / A
Sead Strike 4 x F-16C-40 CCIP Serpent 2 TO: 20:14:59 Push: 20:29:18 ToT: 20:34:35 N / A
Strat-Bomb 2 x B-2A Bone 1 TO: 20:13:00 Push: 21:00:00 ToT: 21:05:28 N / A

Checked in Pilots: 10 of 10
Pkg: 28740 Interdiction Python 2-1   Alohir
Pkg: 28740 Interdiction Python 2-2   lmt
Pkg: 28740 Interdiction Python 2-3   dado
Pkg: 28740 Interdiction Python 2-4   Jester
Pkg: 28740 Sead Strike Serpent 2-1   raven6
Pkg: 28740 Sead Strike Serpent 2-2   LONER
Pkg: 28740 Sead Strike Serpent 2-3   kneejo
Pkg: 28740 Sead Strike Serpent 2-4   49thSnake
Pkg: 28738 Strat-Bomb Bone 1-1   Red Eagle
Pkg: 28738 Strat-Bomb Bone 1-2   DragonFly

Additional Information
It is the evening of day 2 in the Balkan 2010 Operation Balance of Power. Split Airport has already been hit by the Allied Forces but enemy engineers are furiously trying to repair the runways to get the MIG 29 Squadrons on the base back in the air. Therefor we will strike them again and we will strike them harder this time.
Serpent will take out the AAA. Python will first take out the engineer battalions and after the SEAD Strike is done, the 2nd element of Python will hit the runways again. And as the great finale Bone 1 will obliterate the airport with their MK 84s.
In the overall picture of the campaign this will decisively hinder the enemy of flying effective missions at the western FLOT since they will than have to bring their fighters in from further east, therefor delaying their reaction time and reducing their weapons payload.

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