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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Roadrunner / Steffe
Date / Time: 01.02.2009 / 20:15 GMT+1    [GMT: 19:15]
Server: to be announced
TS Server:
Battelfield: Panama
Simulation: See notes
Notes: GMT+1, AF, Force on Force

Task: Sead Strike
Mission duration: 01:00:00
ToT: 05:40:00
Primary TGT: Sead Strike
Secondary TGT: Sead Strike
Alternate Airbase: Las Tablas AS
Loadout changeable: No
Start: Taxi

Sead Strike 4 x Tornado ECR GE Spirit 1 TO: 05:43:34 Push: 05:30:00 ToT: 05:41:11 La Candeleria
Sead Strike 4 x F-16C-52 CCIP Cowboy 1 TO: 05:24:02 Push: 05:30:00 ToT: 05:38:30 La Candeleria
Escort 4 x F-14D Bat 1 TO: 05:22:48 Push: 05:30:00 ToT: 05:36:45 Carrier Group
Unknown 2 x Unknown Roach 1 TO: Push: ToT: N / A
Unknown 2 x Unknown Amber 1 TO: Push: ToT: N / A

Checked in Pilots: 16 of 16
Pkg: 599 Sead Strike Spirit 1-1   Banshee
Pkg: 599 Sead Strike Spirit 1-2   Moonlight
Pkg: 599 Sead Strike Spirit 1-3   Dagger
Pkg: 599 Sead Strike Spirit 1-4   Elf
Pkg: 599 Sead Strike Cowboy 1-1   dado
Pkg: 599 Sead Strike Cowboy 1-2   Quasar-49th
Pkg: 599 Sead Strike Cowboy 1-3   Scimitar
Pkg: 599 Sead Strike Cowboy 1-4   gipodiablo
Pkg: 599 Escort Bat 1-1   Kite
Pkg: 599 Escort Bat 1-2   Ailer
Pkg: 599 Escort Bat 1-3   Condor 75th
Pkg: 599 Escort Bat 1-4   Rico 75th
Pkg: 605 Unknown Roach 1-1   Kolbe
Pkg: 605 Unknown Roach 1-2   Roadrunner
Pkg: 605 Unknown Amber 1-1   Firebird
Pkg: 605 Unknown Amber 1-2   Steffen

Additional Information
Hi pilots!

Welcome to Panama.

In the this first mission we will have to attack several enemy Air Defence. The Sead Strikes will be flown by Tornado ECR and F-16C 50, Escort will be provided by Navy Tomcats.

In this Campaign there will always be some pilots on the red side, those slots will be indicated using "unknown" settings for Mission Type, Aircrafts, Times and Airbases.

Ammunition will not be allowed to change due to ballance issues.


Hallo Piloten!

Willkommen in Panama.

In der ersten Mission werden wir einige feindliche Luftabwehrstellungen angreifen. Die Sead Strikes werden von Tornado ECR und F-16C 50 geflogen, Escort wird durch Tomcats der Marine gewährleistet.

In dieser Kamapgne werden immer ein paar Piloten auf der roten Seite fliegen, ihre Plätze werden durch "unknown" einträge für Mission Type, Aircrafts, Times und Airbases gekennzeichnet.

Bewaffnung darf nicht geändert werden um eine gewisse Balance zu behalten.

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