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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Alohir
Date / Time: 03.06.2011 / 19:15 GMT+1    [GMT: 18:15]
TS Server: 1st VFW
Battelfield: Balkan 2010
Simulation: Falcon 4.0 Allied Force
Notes: Refuel on ingress!

Task: Interdiction
Mission duration: ca. 2 hour
ToT: 05:37
Primary TGT: Killbox alpha
Secondary TGT:
Alternate Airbase: Tuzla 069X
Loadout changeable: Yes
Start: Ramp

Interdiction 4 x F-16C-50 CCIP Cobra 1 TO: 04:45:00 Push: ToT: 05:38:00 Cerklje 060X
Interdiction 4 x F-16C-50 CCIP Fury 2 TO: 04:46:00 Push: ToT: 05:57:00 Cerklje 060X
TARCAP 4 x FA-22A Cyborg 2 TO: 04:53:36 Push: ToT: 05:30:00 Maribor 079X

Checked in Pilots: 12 of 12
Pkg: 6952 Interdiction Cobra 1-1   Netstat
Pkg: 6952 Interdiction Cobra 1-2   lmt
Pkg: 6952 Interdiction Cobra 1-3   Alohir
Pkg: 6952 Interdiction Cobra 1-4   DragonFly
Pkg: 6952 Interdiction Fury 2-1   Red Eagle
Pkg: 6952 Interdiction Fury 2-2   Falke
Pkg: 6952 Interdiction Fury 2-3   Jester
Pkg: 6952 Interdiction Fury 2-4   Foxhound
Pkg: 6952 TARCAP Cyborg 2-1   AI
Pkg: 6952 TARCAP Cyborg 2-2   AI
Pkg: 6952 TARCAP Cyborg 2-3   AI
Pkg: 6952 TARCAP Cyborg 2-4   AI

Additional Information
Wellcome Gentlemen,

after last weeks successfull mission on Ivangrad it is time again to take out some enemy tank battallions. Therefor you are assigned to clear a killbox around Sabac Airstrip from tanks. 8 F-16 will hunt for tanks while a 4-ship raptors will provide A-A cover.

Good luck and have fun.

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