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Mission Type: Campaign
Author: Alohir
Date / Time: 25.06.2011 / 19:15 GMT+1    [GMT: 18:15]
TS Server: 1st VFW
Battelfield: Balkan 2010
Simulation: Falcon 4.0 Allied Force
Notes: check hardware and validac.bin prior to start

Task: Interdiction
Mission duration: ca. 2 hour
ToT: 11:55
Primary TGT: Killbox Alpha
Secondary TGT:
Alternate Airbase: Osijek 120X
Loadout changeable: Yes
Start: Ramp

Interdiction 4 x F-15E-229 Doom 1 TO: 11:06:00 Push: 11:40 ToT: 11:55 Crotone 061X
Interdiction 4 x F-16C-50 CCIP Falcon 1 TO: 11:06:33 Push: 11:34 ToT: 11:56 Lecce 075X
Sead Escort 4 x FA-18F Hornet 1 TO: 11:06:28 Push: 11:41 ToT: 11:56 Carrier Group
Sweep 2 x FA-22A Cyborg 9 TO: 10:44 Push: 11:50 ToT: 11:55 Bolzano 117Y

Checked in Pilots: 10 of 14
Pkg: 6235 Interdiction Doom 1-1   Corsair
Pkg: 6235 Interdiction Doom 1-2   cleaner
Pkg: 6235 Interdiction Doom 1-3   Spectre
Pkg: 6235 Interdiction Doom 1-4  
Pkg: 6235 Interdiction Falcon 1-1   Red Eagle
Pkg: 6235 Interdiction Falcon 1-2  
Pkg: 6235 Interdiction Falcon 1-3  
Pkg: 6235 Interdiction Falcon 1-4   Falke
Pkg: 6235 Sead Escort Hornet 1-1   Xenos
Pkg: 6235 Sead Escort Hornet 1-2  
Pkg: 6235 Sead Escort Hornet 1-3   Gipodiablo
Pkg: 6235 Sead Escort Hornet 1-4   raven6
Pkg: 4294 Sweep Cyborg 9-1   Alohir
Pkg: 4294 Sweep Cyborg 9-2   Viper

Additional Information
Wellcome Gentlemen,

todays mission is to clear Killbox Delta located to the northwest of Batajnica from enemy ground forces to create a save passage for our troops on their way to capture Novi Sad and Zrenjanin, two of the vital targets to win the campaign. As usual teamwork and timing are crucial, the killbox will get cleared of enemy air defense just shortly before our arrival in the target area but we will have to be prepared for red air scrambling from batajnica and beograd (Mig-21-93, Mig-29SM and SU-27SM).

Good luck and have fun,

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