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Mission Type: Training
Author: Fieters
Date / Time: 25.05.2018 / 19:00 GMT+1    [GMT: 18:00]
Server: 440th
TS Server:
Battelfield: KTO
Simulation: Falcon 4.0 BMS
Notes: as briefed

Task: AI
Mission duration: 1.5h
Primary TGT:
Secondary TGT:
Alternate Airbase: N / A
Loadout changeable: No
Start: Ramp

Training 4 x F-16C-50 CCIP Hunter 1 TO: Push: ToT: Kunsan
Training 4 x F-16C-50 CCIP Boxer 1 TO: Push: ToT: Kunsan

Checked in Pilots: 3 of 8
Pkg: 1 Training Hunter 1-1  
Pkg: 1 Training Hunter 1-2  
Pkg: 1 Training Hunter 1-3  
Pkg: 1 Training Hunter 1-4  
Pkg: 1 Training Boxer 1-1   Fieters
Pkg: 1 Training Boxer 1-2   Bolt
Pkg: 1 Training Boxer 1-3  
Pkg: 1 Training Boxer 1-4   Sly

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